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Biggles looks for two configuration files when it loads: the site-wide config.ini (located in the same directory as the Biggles source files), and per-user ~/.biggles. User trumps site.

The format should be clear from looking at config.ini, and you can get all the details here.

For example, here's my .biggles file:

% cat ~/.biggles
fontface = HersheySerif
command = lpr -Plaser

You can set these parameters interactively as well, using the configure() function. For instance, to change the default printer command in the middle of a script, you would say

biggles.configure( 'printer', 'command', 'lpr -Plaser' )

The first argument is the section name, the second the parameter name, and the third the parameter's value. If you omit the first argument the section name is taken to be default, i.e.

biggles.configure( 'fontface', 'HersheySerif' )
is equivalent to
biggles.configure( 'default', 'fontface', 'HersheySerif' )

There are quite a few parameters in config.ini, but most don't need to be changed. Here are a few which users might want to override:


fontface = HersheySans
Sets the default font face. HersheySerif or HersheySans is recommended if you have any TeX math-mode material.
fontsize_min = 1.25
Sets the minimum fontsize (relative to the size of the plotting window).
symboltype = diamond
Sets the default symbol type.
symbolsize = 2.0
Sets the default symbol size.


width = 570
The width (in pixels) of the X window produced by .show().
height = 570
The height (in pixels) of the X window produced by .show().
persistent = yes
Normally every invocation of .show() creates a new X window. This can be annoying during interactive use, so biggles reuses the X window when it thinks it's not being called by a script. Set this to no to disable this behavior.


command = lpr
Sets the command used to print plots. Specifically, postscript output is piped to this command.
paper = letter
Sets the printer paper size.

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