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style keywords

The style properties of components (e.g., color) are controlled through a common set of keyword options passed during object creation. For example,

c = Curve( x, y, color="red" )

changes the color of the curve to red. Keywords which are not relevant (for instance, setting fontface for a Line object) are ignored. After creation, style keywords can be set using the style member function: linetype="dotted" )
linecolor = six-digit-hex-integer | string
Set line or fill color (color sets both). A six digit hexadecimal integer, 0xRRGGBB, is interpreted as an RGB triple, where RR, GG, BB are the red, green, and blue color contents. For instance, 0xffffff is white and 0xff0000 is red. Strings specify color names (eg "red", "lightgrey"). Listings of acceptable names can be found in rgb.txt (usually found in /usr/lib/X11/) and colors.txt (usually found in /usr/share/libplot/).
linetype = string
Line types are specified by name. Valid names include:
	"solid"			"dotted"
	"dotdashed"		"shortdashed"
	"longdashed"		"dotdotdashed"
linewidth = number
symbolsize = number
symboltype = character | string
Symbol types can be specified by name or by character. If a character (ie a string of length 1) the font character is used as the plot symbol. Valid symbol names include:
	"none"			"filled circle"
	"dot"			"filled square"
	"plus"			"filled triangle"
	"asterisk"		"filled diamond"
	"circle"		"filled inverted triangle"
	"cross"			"filled fancy square"
	"square"		"filled fancy diamond"
	"triangle"		"half filled circle"
	"diamond"		"half filled square"
	"star"			"half filled triangle"
	"inverted triangle"	"half filled diamond"
	"starburst"		"half filled inverted triangle"
	"fancy plus"		"half filled fancy square"
	"fancy cross"		"half filled fancy diamond"
	"fancy square"		"octagon"
	"fancy diamond"		"filled octagon"
textangle = number
Rotate text counterclockwise by this number of degrees.
texthalign = "left" | "center" | "right"
Where to horizontally anchor text strings.
textvalign = "top" | "center" | "bottom"
Where to vertically anchor text strings.

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